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Associate Program

Working with a photography agency has many benefits. In addition to a larger world of assignments that you can pick up, you also don’t have to deal as much with the non-photography parts of the business and can focus more on shooting. Most photographers have their own base of business but through our Associate Program, you are free to pick up assignments based on your own workload and interest. Our work is spread across the country and sometimes includes travel so there are lots of opportunities for different types of work to keep things fresh!

As we’ve grown we’ve had to expand our roster of photographers, and that’s where you come in. We’re looking for experienced and emerging photographers that ideally have at least two to three years of experience shooting events, headshots or portraits. We also have some opportunities for videographers and work with stylists and makeup artists on a regular basis as well.

As we’ve grown we still focus on maintaining our standards (photography, video, customer service, etc.) so our vetting process includes several steps that are outlined in more detail in this site.

Key Advantages

  • Diverse assignment opportunities
  • Complete support team
  • Constructive feedback loop
  • Access to high profile jobs
  • Timely payments through direct deposit
  • Potential representation as one of our top talent

Associate Profiles

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Associates Happy Hour

Since the majority of the team at Orange is made up of our Associates, we don’t get to see them [...]