Project Description



Orange Photography was contacted to create customized commercial stock photography for a national investment company. The client needed stock photography with both natural lighting and studio lighting with multiple subjects in a variety of rooms and locations over a single day. The images were intended to showcase the company’s dynamic, interactive, and forward-thinking workplace environment, and the client needed high quality retouched images within a short timeframe.


In order to ensure a smooth process on the day of the shoot, the Orange Photography producer scheduled a walkthrough with the lead senior photographer several weeks prior to the shoot. The photographer met with the primary client to finalize the schedule and the look/feel at the specific locations. On the shoot date, the lead photographer arrived early along with the assistant to set up the lighting equipment and run tests. The assistant also ran an on-site proofing station for the client to view the images in real-time and make quick selections to ensure quick turnaround.


  • 8 hours of customized on-location stock photography with studio lighting and on-site proofing for real-time image viewing and selection of favorites
  • 8 final edited images with advanced retouching catered to the client’s specific marketing needs