Project Description

Katelyn Tucker

Formally trained in photography in Savannah GA, Katelyn loves all aspects of photography and the creative challenge of working on a variety of projects. Katelyn has worked with Orange since 2013 and has been a major asset to many wonderful events ( large and small), making friends and connections with industry leaders throughout San Francisco. Specializing in high end event photography, company portraits, and food, Katelyn can artistically and unobtrusively document any sized event whether it spans the city or is an intimate meeting of just a few people.

I’m reaching out as I wanted to send special kudos over for Katelyn Tucker. In all my years managing and working corporate events (coming up on 10), I’ve never had such a professional, prompt, friendly, and fun photographer turn out such shoots, day in and day out. She captured everything we wanted and needed (and then some), and has a spectacular eye with a keen sense for capturing folks at their best. I’ve yet to see a bad shot in the bunch, and after the closing reel she made, I literally had tens of people asking who shot the event because she was that good. Additionally, everyone who’s seen the social media selects has been super impressed.
Claire Wickwham , Genentech
I’m working with The Omidyar Group. Last year, Humanity United (an Omidyar organization) had a workshop and hired Katelyn Tucker to photograph. They were thrilled with her images and I would like to hire Katelyn again for another Omidyar org, HopeLab.
Sara Atalla , Porter Novelli