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Full Service Experiences

Our full service photo booth experience allows the widest range of experiences and highest level of customer service onsite. By having a dedicated operator with an assistant, the team can quickly guide guests through the experience and facilitate the sharing of images. Here are some of the top reasons clients opt for a full service experience:

  • Better guest experience for large events with over 150 guests
  • Addition of photographer provides another level of interactively/efficiency
  • Complex set ups require a team to execute

Available Experiences

Scribble Wall2017-07-24T21:19:39+00:00
Light Painting2017-07-24T21:19:39+00:00
Social Anywhere2017-07-24T21:19:40+00:00
Black Light2017-07-24T21:19:40+00:00
Headshots Booth2017-07-24T21:19:40+00:00
Custom Installations2017-07-24T21:19:40+00:00
Instagram Photo Booth2017-07-24T21:19:41+00:00
Animated Gifs/Morphing2017-07-24T21:19:41+00:00
Slow Motion2017-07-24T21:19:42+00:00
Green Screen2017-12-29T18:03:36+00:00