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Customizable and scalable

With 20 years of experience working with large and small clients across the US, our team of headshot/portrait photographers have delivered consistent level of high quality images. Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 firm with offices across the US, we work with your marketing team and budget to produce a personalized experience for you and your guests/employees.  



We offer a variety of service levels depending on the scale of your project. Whether it is at your office with a fixed number of subjects or at tradeshow where you’re looking to generate leads with complimentary headshots, you can count on us to be your partner in achieving your marketing objectives. We offer headshots in contexts such as:

  • At your office
  • At tradeshow/conferences
  • At internal sales/company-wide meetings
  • At different offices/cities


The Headshot Booth

Our popular headshot booth activation has been a mainstay of hundreds of our clients, from corporate planners to event marketers. They’ve leveraged this type of service to efficiently capture high volumes of headshots when company-wide meetings happen or to generate brand awareness/lead generation at a tradeshow. Here are some of the key advantages in leveraging this type of service:

  • Great for large conferences and meetings where the number of subjects varies from day to day
  • A variety of branding options to promote the brand during and after the experience
  • Highly efficient technology platform that streamlines the selection and delivery of final retouched images to guests
  • Creates/reinforces your brand experience 


Portraits let more of your personality shine through. A portrait is best to show that off and can include a more personal feel expressed through the environment you are in or the styling of the shot. With a portrait you can tell a story through the image vs. just showing who you are in a headshot.

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Custom Stock 

Custom stock is a great way to showcase your company’s authentic brand by leveraging your actual people/offices.

It might seem expensive at first, but leveraging your employees builds goodwill internally, by showing that you are proud of them and want to show them off.  Also by commissioning custom stock, you won’t have to leverage commercially shot images (stock photos) that might also be in your competitors advertising campaigns and which can be quite expensive for the licensing (often upwards to $20K-$100K)


Case Studies


HR SouthWest

Multi year engagement with a variety of services


Asset Mark Custom Stock

Orange Photography was contacted to create customized commercial stock photography for a national investment company.


x prize

Xprize is a non-profit company leverage our multi city capability to deliver over 5000 portraits to Trekkies.

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