Onsite Headshot Set up

Our standard setup uses backdrop stands with a roll of seamless paper. The ideal footprint is at least 12’x12′ with 10 amps per station. Some clients have production companies design backgrounds/sets with a matte finish to produce a more aesthetically pleasing installation. 

Image Watermark Branding

Headshot images can be branded with a client’s logo on the image in a variety of layout styles. Graphic specs are a minimum 600 pixel wide transparent PNG file. 

Email Branding

After a headshot is taken, the guest comes to up a sharing kiosk. An assistant will help the guest make a final selection for editing (if included in the service) and the guest gets an email with an attachment of their images (or a link to a microsite) from the session. Clients can brand the header and messaging of the email message. Graphic spec is 600×150 pixels as a JPG or transparent PNG file.

Sharing Application

After guests take their photos, they use the sharing kiosk to find and share the images from their experience. Brands can customize the ‘skin’ of the application to reflect their brand. 

Reservation Service Branding

We offer a Pre-Event Reservation Service as an optional add-on for headshot booths and clients can brand the header on the reservation page. The branding header is also included in the confirmation emails that guests receive when they make a reservation. Graphic spec is 600×1500 pixel JPG or transparent PNG file.

Micro Site Branding 

Clients can also opt for a microsite that hosts the images of the specific guest. When a guest emails their images to themselves, instead of images coming in as an attachment, they are directed to a microsite that hosts their images. The client can customize a variety of options on the microsite such as header, branding, and any other HTML-based options. Graphic spec for the header is 600×150 pixels and a repeatable PNG file of recommended 400×400 pixels for page background image.  

Click on this link to see the example of the microsite in a browser.

Post Event Hosting

After an event, all the photos are posted to a private online gallery where guests can see all the images again. They can order prints and share the images. Brands have the opportunity to brand this experience as well. Graphic spec for logo is 300×200 pixel JPG or transparent PNG.