Portraits and Headshots

As photographers we understand the value of your image.  Presenting yourself well and making a great first impression is key today and with social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook being popular ways people network and connect, having a great photo of yourself is critical.

We want to create an image for you that represents you and your company or brand well.  We have become the preferred photographers for various organizations and are able to scale from a few individuals to doing over 400 headshots during a conference at our headshot stations at the MPI World Education Congress.

Since everyone is unique, we work to get your personality to shine through and can adjust to fit the type of image you want to create and represent yourself with.  We can bring our mobile studio into your office or create more dynamic portraits on location as well.

Headshots typically are best when you need a consistent, simple, clean and quick way to identify yourself.  LinkedIn profiles and such are the perfect example, while a portrait gives a bit more personality and can be used in proposals when you want to express more of who you are.

Portraits let more of your personality shine through.  A portrait is best to show that off and can include a more personal feel expressed through the environment you are in or the styling of the shot.  With a portrait you can tell a story through the image vs. just showing who you are in a headshot.

Customizing your experience

Portrait and headshot sessions can be  shot quickly or be more elaborate depending on what you are looking to accomplish with the images.  We can tap our network of makeup artists and stylists to help make you the best you, and we can provide real-time proofing so you know that we’ve created a photo that you love.

We can also coordinate with your data management team if you need to associate names with faces for our headshot station and we have  very flexible technology integration options that can work with almost any type of solution you’re looking for!

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