X Prize’s Tricorder Campaign


Xprize is a non-profit company who strives to challenge the creative and scientific minds to reach goals that seem almost impossible. They take what we see and love in our favorite science fiction stories and encourage people to make it a reality. Orange partnered with Xprize and groups of Star Trek enthusiasts, to promote their most recent project, the tri-corder. Our challenge not only included finding enough Star Trek characters to photograph in our San Francisco studio, but to coordinate shoots at conventions in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Orange’s first international location, London. Orange had to get consistent looking shots of as many characters as possible (including hard to find Vulcans and Klingons) at these varying locations.


Once Orange made their connection with a San Francisco group of Trekkies who were gracious enough to don their best apparel and pose for the initial promotional campaign, the project took off. One of Orange’s staff photographers was able to attend Star Trek conventions in San Francisco, Las Vegas and London over the course of a year to help spread the mission of Xprize and their Tri-corder competition. Orange set-up portrait stations at each location and shot portrait after portrait of fans and celebrities alike.


  • Over 5000 portraits shot in 4 different geographic cities
  • On-site, real time proofing of each participant’s favorite image
  • Guests were sent their favorite image in poster format listing the real-world and Trek disease they hope the tri-corder can diagnose.
  • These same posters were uploaded to the Xprize site for marketing and the contest
  • X-prize’s Qualcomm Tri-corder competition spread word of mouth over all locations and fans