genex2013_0045fIn case you hadn’t noticed that the city might be a bit more tipsy than usual, that’s because it’s San Francisco Beer Week!

We covered the Opening Night gala on Friday which has grown tremendously over the years and during the week there are a ridiculous number of events going on. There’s probably a lot of “working from home” or calling in sick (which I guess could be legit, theoretically) this week but it’s all worthwhile.  Some would say that craft brewing got it’s start here, and Anchor Steam (one of our clients) is a pioneer in the industry and continues to put out great beer.  In Northern California we’re fortunate to have an abundance of great options so if you are looking to learn more about beer, go check out an event!

You can see all our photos from San Francisco Beer Week in this photo gallery (most pix are from the Opening event but a few more sprinkled throughout the week).