Asset Management for Event Planners and Marketers

With millions of photographs created daily, the real challenge lies in locating the desired assets when required. Hence, Digital Asset Management (DAM) plays a crucial role in the event planning and marketing industry. Orange provides the latest cloud-based DAM systems as a cost-effective and managed service for the industry. Unlike other enterprise DAM systems that demand a $15K installation cost and an in-house manager, our solution allows departments and event planners to leverage DAM’s power without a huge financial commitment. Partnering with our agency, which caters exclusively to the corporate event planning and marketing industry, ensures that you benefit from our expertise in maximizing your assets.

Here are key advantages in having a asset management solution over  just storage solutions such as MS Sharepoint, Google Drive, Box, etc.:

  • Easily search, browse and share relevant photo galleries of events/campaigns you produce
  • Centralized repository of photo, video and graphic assets for marketing team and production partners
  • Version control of assets so that partners and vendors only use the latest/approved versions
  • Control of delivery process to your end client and partners through easy-to-use interface
  • Leverage AI to automatically tag assets so that you can use keywords to find comparable assets across all your events  


Why a Managed Solution?

With the plethora  of DAMs available in the marketplace, here are a few of the reasons a managed solution may be a better option for your team/department.

  • Significantly less financial commitment compared to a company-wide engagement where there are more stake holders to get approval from
  • To fully leverage a DAM system, it is highly recommended that data is ingested and managed properly. With a managed service, there isn’t a need to have to train and staff in-house team member(s) to manage the data
  • Because we focus on the event planning and marketing sector, our expertise to architect and maintain the data structure comes with 20 years of experience for many large corporate clients. 


Watch this quick demo to see some of the key features of the Digital Asset Management system such as:

  • Easily upload to anywhere in the library
  • Share only specific assets with partners
  • See how AI describes a scene
  • Search based on facial recognition

The system is designed to be used with any digital asset such as logos/graphics so there are many more use cases! Learn more about how this affordable solution can maximize the value of your digital assets.