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Co-Founder of Orange Photography. Dad and runner.

Wisdom 2.0 Sponsorship

Eleen Fisher and Jon Kabat-Zinn discuss the power of mindfulness practice

We were grateful to be asked to be a sponsorship again for this year’s Wisdom 2.0 conference at the old Exploratium building. Now the building is called the Innovation Hanger and it was nice to experience the building in a new context. The team at Wisdom lined up a number of wonderful speakers such as the Jon Kabat-Zinn, Byron Katie, Chip Conley, Jewel Kilcher, Dan Harris and many more! The conference is particularly meaningful to us as many of the subjects are relevant issues to my personal life as well as having a huge influence in the kind of culture we want to create at Orange. In addition, I launched my personal portrait project at the conference documenting buddhist practices as it gains more traction in mainstream America. In particular, I am photographing subjects taking their practice beyond the cushion, hence the name of the project!


Orange Partners with the Compassionate Leaders Program

Through our our sponsorship of Wisdom 2.0 in 2015, we met Vlad, the project leader of the Compassionate Leaders Program. The program brings mindfulness practice to inner city high school students and provides them the tools and opportunity to connect with mentors from the project’s corporate sponsors.


Flightcar Review

flightcarRecently I traveled for a shoot in Texas and needed a car.  FlightCar popped up as an option and it is like the “AirBnB of your parked car at airports” from the looks of it.

The rates were great and it was super easy to book so it was all up to the actual experience and I wanted to share how it went.  We’ve been seeing a lot of the sharing economy and this business model made a lot of sense since if you are traveling and park at the airport you are just paying to park your car and it sits there – why not rent it out while you are away and earn some revenue with it? […]

Inspirational reading for photographers: Brené Brown and Austin Kleon

booksInspiration is something every creative we know has struggled with from time to time.  We’re the same and find it valuable to get out of the photography world and seek inspiration in various facets of our lives.  Whether it’s seeing a movie, going to a gallery opening or the ballet to reading a book. […]

BizBash San Francisco Media Launch Highlight Reel


As a photo/video agency, we’ve been super involved in the booming event industry in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, and we’re lucky to see trending event ideas firsthand. […]

Hog Island Oyster Farm tour

hog island oyster company tourRecently we returned to Hog Island Oyster Co. up in Marshall, CA on the beautiful Northern California coast.  It was a super foggy day unlike the sunny hot days we’ve hit them up in the past but this time we got the official tour and it was really sweet.

A few of these shots were taken in the same style as what is on the Hog Island website as a sort of homage to the images (and to keep us sharp on our toes!) […]

Event Entertainment Ideas: Pool Sharks and Billy the Kid

event entertainment ideasGetting new ideas for your next event can be a pain when everything seems too trendy but there are some go-tos that may not seem super sexy at first thought, but are really fun and keep your attendees engaged.  One such option is having a professional billiards player to teach/show tricks at your next event.  We saw this work to great effect at a recent event at Jillian’s which is conveniently located just across from Moscone Center. […]

Cast your vote on hottest photo booth trends.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.35.40 AMAlthough we have been creating wonderful booth experiences for many clients in the past 10 years, the industry has grown considerably and there are A LOT more options that go beyond the traditional photo booth experience. So, it was no surprise that when i first learn about the inaugural photo booth expo that i was fairly excited to see exactly what are those NEW options were and how other booth operators were using them.


Google Photos App / Quick Review

2015-05-29-08.39.08Yesterday we covered Google I/O and were pretty impressed with some of the announcements they made and of course were intrigued by the Google Photos announcement and the associated features.  As you may have heard, it’s got a lot of fun features and if you used photos in Google+ as an app, some of the features will be familiar.


Bespoke event venue opening at Westfield SF

We were very excited to collaborate again with Westfield and DPEM | Event Marketing for the latest and greatest SF event venue launch on April 23rd. Bespoke is a great concept – ‘A trifecta of co-working, demo, and event spaces strategically located at Westfield San Francisco in the epicenter of downtown, where tech and retail marketplaces converge.’