3x World Series Champs!!!

Wow, what a run this year!  I felt like we were the best team in baseball and then the worst team in baseball, and then who knows what.  Once we got into the playoffs and won the Wild Card it was an insane ride and I must say the Royals were probably the better team but we were able to pull out another World Series Championship for our third in five years – incredible!

As a Giants fan since 1986 when Will Clark came up (used to watch him beat up on my home team, the Auburn Tigers – where Tim Hudson pitched back in the day – while Clark was at Mississippi State), we had many chances like the earthquake year in 1989 and then heartbreak in 2002.  After 2010 I was kind of satisfied to have won a World Series at all in my lifetime so this third one is kind of crazy.

We got to photograph the 2012 parade for the Mayor’s Office and did so again this year.  Here are some photos! (the full gallery is posted here).

The two most memorable moments were 1) when Pence and Huddy said “War Eagle!” (Auburn’s battle cry) and 2) When Bumgarner (who is taking a selfie of his own ‘Mad bum’ in the pic below) mentioned that he really love the sign in the middle of the crowd (which you can see in the full gallery right after the pix of Bumgarner on stage speaking 🙂8184_GiantsWSParade_0065f 8184_GiantsWSParade_0096f 8184_GiantsWSParade_0102f 8184_GiantsWSParade_0111f 8184_GiantsWSParade_0131f 8184_GiantsWSParade_0141f 8184_GiantsWSParade_0148f