Orange launches new website and conference highlights!

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Having been in business for over two decades, our website has effectively showcased our work. However, it's been more than five years since we last made any significant updates. This past month, we undertook the task of revamping it. Given the evolution within our industry and our company structure, the old website felt dated, reflecting assets from a time when our team was much larger.

Winter 2023 Photography Studio Updates

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The marketing team of Allianz engaged with us for their wonderful client reception at the venerable Ferry Building. Additionally, we were on the show floor at Riskworld interviewing their employees on video on how they support their clients in a risky world and how nice it was to be back in-person at these live events. 

What’s been happening in San Francisco Event Photography?

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Envision at the deYoung with First Exposures and The Women's BuildingWe always enjoy the fact that we get to experience so many different types of events and often get to see and do things we may otherwise have never gotten the chance to experience […]

Summer Highlights

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We're excited to be working again with one of the industry leaders in large production management, Opus Agency.  We've worked with them for many years prior to the pandemic and was grateful that we were about to serve them on a year-long engagement for Amazon Web Services. AWS hosts developer summits in numerous metropolitan cities and worked directly with us to manage their photo needs in all those markets.

Welcome back Norm!

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Like the drinking buddy from Cheers, we're ecstatic to welcome back Norm (as in Normalcy!) in our industry. Of course, we're still crossing our fingers that there won't be another COVID variant that makes use take four steps backwards but with the volume of work we're doing for our old time clients, we expect that the worst is behind us!

Jack’s Southern Migration Tour

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Jack embarked on a southern migration a few weeks ago to escape the Michigan winter and work on his multimedia project, Beyond the Cushion. Having been in lock down for the past several years like everyone else, this is the first time he is able to use this nimble conversion van for an extended period to efficiently travel and stay inconspicuous! It has been a fruitful journey being to interview a number of people for the project and see some of the less visited national parks! Here are a few small samples of the journey thus far. 

Southwest Highlights

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 The second segment of my epic road trip was in the Southwest and even though it was in the winter months, the weather was great during that time of the year. The great thing about the arid southwest is that things don't look that different compared to the summer. Undoubtedly my two favorite cities during this segment was Sedona and Santa Fe for different reasons. Like Bend OR, Sedona is a bit of any outdoor lover's dream with the vast array of things you can do almost year around. Meanwhile, Santa Fe had the hippie eclectic charm and spiritual energy that  made me feel right at home. No doubt, I will spend more time in this part of the west in the future. 

Jack launches a new portfolio website

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As a silver lining of the great pandemic of 2020, I took some time (actually a lot of time) to reflect on my body of work and put together some 'highlights' from the past 20 years of professional work. Ironically, the bulk of what I've pull together is a very small percentage of the type of work that I normally do for our corporate clients.

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