Best Practices
for your shoot

 Before the Shoot 

  • Sign your invoice at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the shoot. Or if it’s a last minute booking where the event is happening within 2 weeks, you must sign within 48 hours. Last minute staffing surcharge of $100/staff may apply if you don’t sign for the project.
  • Fill out the headshot questionnaire 10 days prior to the shoot on our project page. Please fill that out with as much info as possible including your contact info and/or the on-site contact.
  • Confirm your preferred headshot look in the project questionnaire 5 days prior to the shoot. Any changes 48 hours prior to the shoot may incur a surcharge.
  • Feel free to send out our Best Practices-Preparing for your Headshot documentation to everyone getting their headshot taken.


  • Have a 12 x 12 ft space available for the backdrop and lights.
  • Ensure standard electrical access within 5-10 ft of Headshot area.
  • Have any furniture moved out of the way or let your producer know so we can plan for extra time.
  • Let us know if there are any issues for load in, such as no elevator, security, no parking, etc. so we can plan accordingly.  

 Day Of 

  • Make sure the space is ready for our team’s arrival and all subjects are ready to have their image taken that day.
  • We usually require 60-90 minutes to set up the lights depending on the complexity of the shoot. Your producer will let you know how much time we need.

After the Shoot 

  • Make Your Final Selection(s). Unless onsite proofing is part of your package, in which case you’ll be able to make final selections during the headshot session, your producer will send you a link to your headshot proofing gallery. Please review the gallery and email your producer with the image numbers from the headshots that you would like retouched (if that is part of your package).
  • You/your company must make your selections from 14 days of receiving the proofing gallery. Additional surcharge may apply if selections are not made within that time frame.
  • Await Final Delivery from Your ProducerYour producer will follow up with the final retouched images when they are ready!