Earlier this year we completed production on a very exciting video project on behalf of Bonfire Communications for the YES program. The YES program, with support of AYUSA, brings high school students from predominantly Muslim countries to live with American families. The students attend local schools and are active in the community -all in an effort to promote mutual understanding and respect between cultures. Featured above is Nourhan, one of my favorite students from the project. She’s from Kuwait and was placed with a family in Minnetonka, MN. My favorite part is 45 seconds in. Check it out!

Our crew was small: Paul Jaffe, our lead camera, editor of the final piece, and composer of all the tracks you hear on the videos; Preston Lewis, our producer, master of logistics, and main interviewer; and myself as 2nd camera and assistant.
With our HD cameras and lighting gear in tow – we traveled to Southern California, Kentucky, Minnesota and Wisconsin to meet the students and spend time with them and their host families. We basically interviewed folks and captured details and footage of their schools and the towns where they lived. The biggest challenge for sure was getting all of this in a short window of time. But I am proud to say, in the end, we created some really dynamic, well-rounded short documentary pieces.

To learn more about the program and to see our complete and final 16 minute video – please visit the YES Program site.