When I was living in California, the concept of winter was more of just a tourist destination like going to Tahoe. Now, being in Michigan, winter means a lot more indoor time to work on the stuff that always gets deprioritized when the weather is nice. Hence, we had some time to take a break from the volume of work that picked up considerably last year to strengthen our relationships with many of our existing clients. Obviously, we serve mostly corporate clients but even that group is pretty diverse in terms of needs around the photography/video services we provide. As we hone in on servicing our best clients better, we’re excited to lay the foundation for launching a new offering to clients in the middle of the year so stay tuned for that!

In other news, my personal project around Buddhism progressed nicely last year as I was able to interview about 15 people throughout the US. The winter break allowed to me digest all that content and tighten the narrative so that it is more welcoming to people not as familiar with Buddhist concepts. Check out my blog update for more details on the progress. 

United Mileage Plus

On a more fun note, we covered a wonderful event put on by United Mileage Plus for their members at Mc Envoy Ranch doing event photography and brand phgotography. 

RiskWorld with Allianz

The marketing team of Allianz engaged with us for their wonderful client reception at the venerable Ferry Building. Additionally, we were on the show floor at Riskworld interviewing their employees on video on how they support their clients in a risky world and how nice it was to be back in-person at these live events. 

Carnegie Mellon 

Carnegie Mellon’s Information Networking Institute  engaged us to highlight their Practicum showcase  where corporate sponsors and the students mingled on research projects. Our event photography coverage and video highlight reel provided a seamless experience for the client!