Impossible I-1 MasterclassWe sat in on the Impossible Project‘s I-1 Masterclass this morning to learn about some tips and provide feedback on the I-1 which we’ve been shooting now for over a month.  Our original review went over a few things that were directly addressed in the Masterclass including battery life, viewfinder use and more.

You can view the recorded Masterclass on their Google+ page here (including his answers to some of our questions :).

Some of the notable tidbits we took from the class included the following:

  • If you are looking for optimal sharpness in your shots, you need to know what that each lens has a sweet spot
    • for example, for the Macro lens (lens 1) for close up shots, that distance is 0.4m (40 cm, or 15.748 inches)
    • for the Closeup lens (lens 2), it’s 0.8m (31.5 inches which is also known as the selfie range – which worked – see test shot below)
    • the next one (lens 3) is at 1.8m (almost 6 ft.)
    • then at 3.3m (almost 11 ft) (for lens 4)
    • for lens 5 it’s anything over 5m (16+ft)
  • Impossible admits that the battery life when in standby mode is not great – about three days, similar to a phone, and advises to keep a charger with you and to always have it at 100% before you go out shooting. (One of my questions towards the end of the class was to show the battery level on the camera Oscar was shooting with and it was about 50% after doing the 10 or so test shots he did during the 45-minutes of the demo so far)
  • 15-20 packs is how long a full charge should last if you shoot those packs all together over the same day

Impossible I-1 Masterclass - Oscar shows us his battery levelThey also demonstrated light painting with both using the manual controls via the app and using the light painting feature in the app – both were quite cool!

Personally I really like multiple exposures and it’s really simple to do with the I-1 and Oscar demo’d that as well (basically shoot a shot, then hold the shutter in still and turn it off.  Turn it back on and take another shot – rinse and repeat as many times as you like)

It’s also cool how the app records your shoot info and you can attach an image (see below) which lets you remember what the settings were and when the shot was taken.  It’d be nice if it could also include the location data and allow you to upload a photo from your photo library instead of having to take a photo of the print (since I often will take a nicer shot of the print with my DSLR and would rather attach that than snap an iPhone photo).

Overall a good seminar and hopefully they will take the feedback and input provided to keep improving the camera.  So far it’s been pretty fun to play with and we plan to keep on experimenting with it and submitting to Project 8 which is a cool show that will be showcasing photos made with the I-1!

impossible i-1 app

Impossible I-1 Selfie range test (click to enlarge)