So it’s finally 2024 and we had a whirlwind of a year in 2023.  We didn’t post too much on our blog mostly because of just being busy and not focusing enough of our time on it.  So here’s a wrap up of the last year.  

Statistically here’s some data:

    • Total shoots for our event photographers: 401
    • Busiest Months: April and November
    • Total Hours shot: 2,230 

But numbers don’t really tell the full story: 2023 was filled with a lot more larger events and conferences as well as an increased number of incentive programs which already in 2024 will be a growing part of our business with some fun locales and great clients we’re working with.  It’s always nice to start off the year with some SKOs and a lot more event video work for some clients like United Airlines, Allianz and Carnegie Mellon among many others. 

The year also included a lot of new photographers we’ve been working with to develop their skills as they join our ranks and we were very happy with some of the new faces you have no doubt seen shooting for Orange Photography and look forward to growing the team more in 2024.

Some of our most notable events were ones we can’t discuss, as if often the case when you work in the events industry but there are a few that we can discuss including a great TED conference, their first on AI, which was, of course, a huge field last year.  TED AI pulled together a bunch of top thinkers in AI and having taken place in San Francisco, included a lot of luminaries in the crowd as well.  We enjoyed hearing from folks like Stephen Wolfram, Reid Hoffman, and Liv Boeree. on how AI would impact the world in science, art, politics and more.

Liv Boeree speaking at TED AI 2023 - photo by Gene X Hwang/Orange Photography

Later in the year we spoke with BizBash about event photography and the article has a bunch of good info from event photographers from around the industry.

oh and then there was that whole thing with Twitter/X and Elon Musk which we posted about here.


Overall though it was quite the fun year, we got to photograph many notables including Emmy and Oscar award winners, musicians like Usher, Pitbull, Diplo and the Doobie Brothers, inspirational and informative speakers like the always entertaining Adam Grant, and Scott Harrison and a host of others.  Some, like Michael Phelps spoke touchingly about their struggles and how they overcame them, and we even talked with Tim Cook about Auburn Football.