It’s that time of year again, time for the annual team offsite! The Orange Team headed for the lanes this year, living it up at Sea Bowl in beautiful Pacifica. But our first stop: the timeless and delicious In-N-Out to give us the strength to heave those balls with destructive force (cue pins falling down dramatically and in slow motion).

Once we arrived on the scene at Sea Bowl, shoes were handed out, drinks were ordered, names inputted, and the games and photography began! The big points bringer was our very own Myleen; smooth form was seen by a few, while the rest of us kinda winged it (and perhaps wished for bumpers), but fun was had by all. Check out some of the highlights below:

4380_8_Orange Team Goes Bowling

4380_3_Orange Team Goes Bowling

4380_5_Orange Team Goes Bowling

4380_39_Orange Team Goes Bowling

4380_73_Orange Team Goes Bowling

4380_87_Orange Team Goes Bowling

4380_48_Orange Team Goes Bowling

4380_25_Orange Team Goes Bowling

4380_59_Orange Team Goes Bowling

4380_102_Orange Team Goes Bowling