Repurpose Your Old Assets Into New Content

Do you have a cache of old media assets with nothing to do with them? Now imagine being able to recycle them to produce new media that engages current and new audiences, with new ways to show what your company can do. 

As COVID-19 continues to suspend the events industry, we see a silver lining in the opportunity to provide this new service for all who are looking to leverage their old media assets. 

What is repurposing content?

Identifying valuable brand assets and reusing them intelligently can shrink workloads, promote consistency and help get every drop of value from creative investments. In terms of digital assets, repurposing is all about adapting images, videos, and other media for use in different channels, promotions, and campaigns.

With Orange, you can send us your old media files that are just sitting around collecting dust and we’ll craft a story out of them that will reflect the brand image of your company.

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Benefits of repurposing assets

  • Building your brand image and authority – improves brand consistency across multiple platforms
  • Educating others about your company
  • Get more assets out of old content just sitting there – maximize content ROI
  • Reach new audiences
  • Reliving good company memories
  • Increase your content production and content marketing
  • Increases content supply so you can produce more content and at a faster pace

What you can create with the old assets:

  • Slideshow/album from an event
  • Social media clips
  • Case studies and blogs
  • Turn a library of interviews into a summit
  • Adapting content and publish into new channels such as new copy
  • Pinterest board to increase reach

How It Works:

Simply send us your assets and we’ll discuss with you the vision you have of your brand and company. We will then craft a story using the ideas and direction you discussed with us and in turn, will create new content from it!


Repurposing Assets for WWF

When we covered WWF’s Global Climate Action Summit in 2018 (almost two years ago!), we provided photography, live streaming, and interviews that spanned three days.  
But when it was all said and done, we had thousands of photos and hours of video content that WWF didn’t know what to do with it! So after all that effort, the assets were sitting in a digital cloud with no purpose. 
Luckily we were able to think of some alternate ways to utilize the media in a way that advances WWF’s messaging. In this particular case, one of the highlights of the summit was the participation of the youth in voicing their opinions on their future. There were several interviews and discussions with four “Youth Ambassadors” that we accumulated to focus on the message that the youth are becoming a more active voice in the discussion.
Youth Ambassadors for the Global Climate Action Summit speak during a panel discussion. 
By assembling the portraits, snippets of the panel discussion, and interviews with the ambassadors into a cohesive story centered around this topic, we were able to craft a new story from these old assets!

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