Over 10 years of delivering
unique photo booth experiences

Enclosures/Branding Wraps

We can provide a number of enclosures to blend in to an environment or help promote your brand messaging. From a simple black tent enclosure to a spiral wall, we have a number of options in our inventory. Or we can source a custom option for your specific event with branding as part of the enclosure.

Real Time Projection/AV Integration

Project your images onto a plasma TV or LCD projector as they are being taken. We can provide all the necessary components to project your images or can coordinate with your audio video provider to provide them with images in real time.

Microsites/Google Analytics Integration

Running a large marketing campaign and want to track metrics through Google Analytics (or any other marketing platform)? With our ability to host photo booth images in microsite with your own custom branding, every click through or sharing of the microsite can be tracked.

Data Capture/Surveys

Want to collect guest data onsite as part of your market research? Photo booth activation with required surveys will allow you to collect any type of data. Delivery of data collection is in csv/excel format.

RFID Integration

With a RFID bracelet, guests can easily activate a number of photo booth experiences in one location. For example, a guest can pre register for a bracelet or register onsite and once they are a photo booth experience, their image can be automatically email/post to any number of social media channel without their input!


We have the ability to generate unique codes on printed images to run onsite contests. By promoting a contest as part of the photo booth activation, the contest can attract more users to your experience and in turn increase brand engagement.

Scheduled Appointments

With our headshot booth activation experience, we can provide a variety of service levels. We can customize an online scheduling system for your guests to book their headshot appointment ahead of time or provide onsite reservation options.

Branded Emails/Promo Video

We can fully customize a rich branded email message that guests send out from social media kiosks. We can also embedded google analytics data in the email. In addition, you can insert a promotional video into any activation experience.