Facial Recognition

Welcome to the revolutionary photo-finding solution! Our cutting-edge application, powered by facial recognition technology, ensures every precious moment captured by our professional photographers finds its way directly to your smartphone or can be easily accessed via an online gallery. Whether you’re immersed in a week-long conference, attending an awards ceremony, mingling at your company’s internal mixer, or simply enjoying a fun-filled event, our application locates and delivers all your guests’ photos effortlessly.

Say goodbye to the hassle of taking selfies – simply slip your phone into your pocket and fully immerse yourself in the moment! Gone are the days of regretting missed opportunities for incredible photos captured by talented photographers; now, it’s all within reach.

Experience the future of event photography today.

Example Applications

A Large Event

Navigating through thousands of event photos, whether it’s a multi-day affair or a bustling gala, can feel overwhelming for guests. Introducing our facial recognition platform alleviates this challenge by streamlining the entire process. With fixed fees starting at $300, guests can effortlessly locate their photos amidst the abundance of captured moments, enhancing their overall event experience.

Multiple Events in Calendar Year

For enterprises hosting numerous events involving employees or customers, our platform offers an efficient solution for enrolling and managing user bases seamlessly. With a nominal annual fee of $600 and a per-image charge of just 12 cents, users gain access to automated image delivery for any event they participate in. Over time, as the platform becomes ingrained in company operations, HR benefits from streamlined access to all employee images, facilitating tasks like retirement event planning. Moreover, our platform empowers end-users to submit their own images, enhancing ease of sharing within the system.


  • Affordable – Simply add on to your media plan for a installation fee and hourly rate.

  • Easy to use – No cords, no equipment. Everything is set up via online software and executed through your mobile phone

  • Personalized photos – The technology matches user-submitted selfies to photos in an album

  • Scalable to all event types – Applicable to events of any size or type, with no restrictions on participants

  • Mobile image delivery – Photos are delivered to each person, right on their mobile phones

  • Optional overlay and hashtags – Amplify your brand or organization with optional logo overlays to customize your photos and auto-populated hashtags

How It Works:

With this feature, there is virtually no additional gear or work for our photographers. We shoot our photos of the event, upload them to our online gallery, and implement the facial recognition software that automatically selects and collects all images that contain a specific face. Here’s how it will work for your guests.