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Have you considered streaming your event? Since event attendance is suffering and some organizations have opted to shut down their events and conferences completely, we’re looking for ways to provide them an option to get their messages out to audiences

As an alternative to hiring large production companies, you can leverage the same live streaming technology for your intimate event. Streaming is an easy and effective way to showcase all of your event’s activities to those at home who still want to see what’s going on but can’t attend. We can even set up live streaming of your event and provide viewers with a more intimate perspective of the conference with real-time experiences that guests are having. 

Streaming is especially useful for presentations that provide valuable information from important speakers and gives a more human experience that people prefer seeing over plain text. 

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  • Wireless and Portable – The equipment itself is lightweight and portable. It’s under 3 pounds, battery-operated, and no cables are needed to connect to the internet or power – providing a sleek and simple setup that doesn’t distract from the event itself.
  • Multi-Cameras – Since it’s so lightweight and wireless, we can set up multiple small cameras at several different locations and viewpoints. Live stream close-ups of speakers, wide views covering large convention areas, with cameras set up on the floor right in the middle of the action, as well as the mobile views operated by our production crew – all capturing the special moments and interactions that can’t be missed.
  • Multiple Platforms – Interactive links can direct the live feeds straight to your Facebook pages, with the option of using any preferred platform, be it YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, or other destinations.
  • Mobile-Friendly – An app can be downloaded and used to monitor the separate video feeds and switch between cameras to show the preferred view. With the option to include text overlays, the streams were easy to manage and change which platform to showcase them on.

Use It For:

How It Works:

With this feature, the set up is incredibly easy. Without the distracting and cumbersome cables that can stretch across rooms, all it required was a tripod or surface to stand on and a line of sight the highlighted activities. 


Live Streaming at MPINCC’s ACE

At ACE19 (Annual Conference & Expo), exhibitors set up booths that focused on education sessions such as storytelling, audience engagement, and using new technology to capture hearts and minds, with attendees being active participants in the day’s events.
As a long-time member of MPINCC, we took our production to another level with live streaming services that covered presentations, meet-ups, and the day’s general activities. We implemented two roaming cameramen and a stationary camera to capture all of the conference action. As a video service that can display on multiple platforms in real-time, it can take events and broadcast them around the world, providing organizations with a direct gateway to the global market.

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