We’ve all seen them in our social media feeds.  Bright colors.  Graphically intense scenes.  Bold designs.  From Color Factory to 29 Rooms to the Museum of Ice Cream, these Instagram-centric experiences have been popular over the last couple of years and events have been leveraging these type of experiences more and more to extend brands and social media reach.

We’ve done several of these for our clients and our original one may have been the sideways photo booth which started out as just a fun party idea and was implemented for the Facebook design team and still stands at their offices.  We love collaborating with our clients on ideas for photo booth installs or just unique experiences or activations.  Inspiration can come from the fine arts like Yayoi Kusama’s Mirror Room or the Rain Room,  the band OK Go, or whatever other awesome ideas you come up with.  Here’s some of the more fun ones we’ve done to give you some ideas too!