SFMarin_FB-1095f Right here in our neighborhood is the SF-Marin Food Bank and as part of our Giving Back program, we’ve done some volunteering with them.  The organization itself is really great as it provides over 47-million pounds of food per year to those in need.

The building we volunteered in is in our neighborhood just outside of the Dogpatch and it was built expressly for the Food Bank.

We learned that more of the food they get goes to food pantries which are places like a church or school that resides in a community and that it’s mostly produce and dry goods that they distribute. (Most of us are probably more familiar with the canned food drives they do around the holidays, but as our first session proved, there’s a TON of produce that gets sent out too!)

SFMarin_FB-1098fOther facts:

  • 60% of the food that’s distributed is actually produce
  • about 350 organizations in total receive food from the Food Bank
  • In the 2-hours  we volunteered on day one, there were about 13,200 lbs. of oranges packed = about 26,000 people helped that day (March 4, 2015)SFMarin_FB-1093f