Orange Photography Charity Pinball Tournament for First Exposures

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pinball2014_1232f Chris Harkins, host of the tournament, takes a shot at the side tournament on Lord of the Rings.

This past Sunday we organized our first charity pinball tournament in Oakland to benefit First Exposures.  The event ended up with 41 players from around the Bay Area including some very high ranking players as well as first time competitive pinballers and players representing six different countries.  The tournament was played […]

Variety Children’s Comedy Benefit

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151_6095_KB_585Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to blog about fun events that we get to cover.  One of those was the Variety Children’s Comedy Benefit that headlined Zach Galifianakis.  It happened during the always fun SF Sketchfest, and was help at The Punchline’s in support of Variety’s Therapeutic Scholarship Program.  The program proving scholarships to deserving disabled children to receive specialized care and to achieve greatness through their Mobility […]

Holiday Gifting Ideas (of the non-commercial type!)

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holiday gift giving ideas for charity from orange photography

Ahhh!  Can’t believe how quickly the holidays have crept up on us?  I feel like we were just celebrating the Giants’ World Series win and suddenly we’re hearing holiday music everywhere. Black Friday!  Small Business Saturday! Cyber Monday!  Giving Tuesday – it’s all a bit much eh?

Although most of America’s business […]

Book Review: Zilch

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Zilch is a book about doing more with less, something we hold as a value at Orange.  Since our inception, we’ve always valued that, not just because we bootstrapped our company but also from a social responsibility angle.  Waste is something we don’t like, especially when reducing it can both save the environment and save you money so this booked piqued my interest.

It’s written by Nancy […]

First Exposures kills it!

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Last Thursday was the benefit auction for the First Exposures mentoring program at SF Camerawork and the fundraiser raised over $60,000 – the biggest fundraiser to date!  We had a packed house at the gallery and there was a lot of great work up.  Alan Bamberger made an appearance as did a ton of others there to support the program.  Having been a mentor for […]

Bike to Work Day photo booth at Public Works

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We at Orange Photography are huge supporters of biking and while there’s been a lot of negative publicity of bikers in the news, we know that the majority of bikers are good people who follow the rules of the road and of course one of the biggest cycling days in San Francisco is Bike to Work Day.  This year it’s on May 10th and we’re excited […]

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