Envision at the deYoung with First Exposures and The Women's BuildingWe always enjoy the fact that we get to experience so many different types of events and often get to see and do things we may otherwise have never gotten the chance to experience and this past season has been no different.  Here’s a few of the more unique events we’ve had a chance to cover (and share with you all – many of the events we do are private so unfortunately we can’t give y’all peeks into those!).

Envision at the DeYoung Museum for First Exposures and The Women’s Building – we’ve always been big fans of First Exposures and in the past there was Help-Portrait but that doesn’t exist as it used to so now First Exposures, The Women’s Building and the deYoung teamed up to create Envision: Community Portrait Day complete with pop-up portrait studios where families could come and take home a framed photo. Families from the Women’s Building were primarily photographed by mentees from First Exposures as well as others who attended based on availability.  Since it was San Francisco Free Museum Weekend there were thousands of attendees on hand so it was quite the crazy day but fantastic to help give back to the community as a whole.

Ballpark Back 9 photography at Oracle ParkBallpark Back 9 @ Oracle Park – this was a super fun thing that the San Francisco Giants hosted at Oracle Park transforming it into a nine hole golf course.  We got to shoot the first night it was open for folks and it was quite a fun experience to be there but be able to go all over the park and hit balls onto the field. In total there were:

  • 4,000+ golfers
  • 100,000+ golf balls hit
  • 5 days of activities

Definitely a hit and always fun to go to the Giants’ ballpark for the various other activities they host!

Portola Festival Event photographyPortola Festival – a brand new festival that happened out at Pier 80, this was a really fun one to be at taking photos around the grounds. As a brand new festival at a new location it was great to be able to enjoy the sounds of great acts like Flume, Bob Moses and so many others. The weather was hot all day until the fog started to roll in as the sun set but the views at the pier were fantastic and there was tons of space for all the festival-goers.  A really fun and different type of event for us to shoot at.

HPE and League of Legends World Championships San Francisco Event photographersLeague of Legends World Championship Finals – for this one we worked with HPE who hosted local customers at the League of Legends World Championship Finals with the support of their partner Evil Geniuses. Orange Photography captured the pre-event hospitality at Hotel Via before the sold-out finals at Chase Center!