Seth Godin should be a familiar name if you are a photographer and/or marketer.  He has been writing books and speaking for some time now and I finally got around to reading one of his earlier texts: Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable. The book was published in 2003 and it discusses a pretty basic principle which, in essence, the title gives away.

A purple cow gets attention because it’s remarkable – so your product or service should be too.  It’s nothing really new, but as creative professionals we should remember that this is also what makes what we do unique.  Every photographer really should already have this advantage.  However, if your style does not have something to it that stands out, perhaps it’s your service levels?  At Orange, we strive to provide a level of professionalism that’s consistent, coupled with tremendous service and responsiveness, which is all supported by our team structure, and socially responsible and green business practices.

Perhaps the last page entitled “What would Orwell say?” puts it best with four phrases from the book:

  • Don’t Be Boring
  • Safe Is Risky
  • Design Rules Now
  • Very Good Is Bad

What do you think?

Check out a synopsis of Purple Cow on the Joosr website!