Inspirational reading for photographers: Brené Brown and Austin Kleon

booksInspiration is something every creative we know has struggled with from time to time.  We’re the same and find it valuable to get out of […]

Impossible I-1 Review

photo by Impossible ProjectThe new Impossible I-1 is the first instant camera developed by Impossible Project and has some really neat features including an app that you can control it from for added creative features.  I ordered one as soon as possible which was a day before it was available to the general public, having been a supporter of Impossible since the early days (as a Pioneer). […]

Lomo Instant Wide camera review

The Winter Series: Free Gold Watch - SF, CA, USA

Mostly during the holiday season we’ve been busy photographing holiday parties for others and setting up fun photo booths but we also received a gift of our own, the Lomo’Instant Wide. This Lomo Instant Wide camera review  is a quick one for those thinking about it as a gift for your photographer friends and is based on our week with it so far!

We reviewed the Lomo’Instant a while ago and were thrilled when we heard about the Wide since the photos are much larger than the Instax Mini format.  That being said the first thing you notice when you unbox the Lomo’Instant Wide camera is how large it is!  And carrying it around you get that same kind of response from others.  It reminded me of the Fuji 6×9 camera in how much larger than a DSLR that it is but it’s kinda neat that way. […]

Hands on with the Mint Instaflex TL70 Review

MINT Instantflex TL70

We just got the Mint Instaflex TL70 a couple weeks ago and were super excited to try it out so here’s a few initial thoughts on the camera.  In case you aren’t familiar with it, the TL70 is a twin lens reflex instant camera that takes Instax mini type film.  It looks retro but has modern features like an integrated flash even.


Flightcar Review

flightcarRecently I traveled for a shoot in Texas and needed a car.  FlightCar popped up as an option and it is like the “AirBnB of your parked car at airports” from the looks of it.

The rates were great and it was super easy to book so it was all up to the actual experience and I wanted to share how it went.  We’ve been seeing a lot of the sharing economy and this business model made a lot of sense since if you are traveling and park at the airport you are just paying to park your car and it sits there – why not rent it out while you are away and earn some revenue with it? […]

Inspirational reading for photographers: Brené Brown and Austin Kleon

booksInspiration is something every creative we know has struggled with from time to time.  We’re the same and find it valuable to get out of the photography world and seek inspiration in various facets of our lives.  Whether it’s seeing a movie, going to a gallery opening or the ballet to reading a book. […]

Google Photos App / Quick Review

2015-05-29-08.39.08Yesterday we covered Google I/O and were pretty impressed with some of the announcements they made and of course were intrigued by the Google Photos announcement and the associated features.  As you may have heard, it’s got a lot of fun features and if you used photos in Google+ as an app, some of the features will be familiar.


The Power of Photography: Review of “The Salt of the Earth”

Recently, some of the Orange Photography crew took a trip to the movies. We ventured out to see the limited release documentary about the work of social photographer Sabastião Salgado entitled, “The Salt of the Earth”.  Salgado left his job as and economist in the mid-seventies and became a full-time photographer. He has traveled much of the world and captured many of the social and global issues of the past 40 years.

Sahel: The End of the Road- Sabastião Salgado


Photojojo Review: Open House & New Digs

photojojo review housewarming photosWe got invited, along with hundreds of others, to check out Photojojo‘s new offices and it was quite the packed soiree.  After we arrived we learned that there were lots of folks queued up 30-minutes early to get the goodie bags that were available for early arrivers.   […]

Review: Disposable Camera app by Photojojo

disposable camera app graphic by photojojoDisposable cameras?  As in those little Kodak or Fuji ones you used to buy at the ABC Store when you were on vacation in Hawaii or at the 7-Eleven near the checkout?   Yep it’s exactly that but in app form built by Photojojo.  WTH right?  We thought it was a pretty cool idea and so we had to download it right away to play with it.  Here’s our thoughts on the app and resulting prints!