Orange launches new website and conference highlights!

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Having been in business for over two decades, our website has effectively showcased our work. However, it's been more than five years since we last made any significant updates. This past month, we undertook the task of revamping it. Given the evolution within our industry and our company structure, the old website felt dated, reflecting assets from a time when our team was much larger.

Twitter, @x and Orange Photography – a behind the scenes look

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Well last week was quite a whirlwind and Orange got a lot of attention since one of our co-founders, Gene X Hwang (me) was all over the news cycle when Twitter completed it’s transformation to X and subsequently took over the @x Twitter handle, which I had owned since 2007.   We ourselves have had our account on Twitter since 2009 and as the news spread we found ourselves getting a lot of unexpected attention and […]

Leveraging the Current Environment with Custom Stock Photography

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So what’s a great way to emerge out of the pandemic and let your audience know that you’re open and ready for business? How about some custom stock photos that reminds them of your presence and puts you top of mind! Having an updated set of images is a great way to build anticipation and make people look forward to working with you again. And it's something that's still doable as we're socially distancing amid the pandemic. You’ll immediately stand out from your competitors who are still seemingly lying dormant waiting for the best time to start promoting themselves. 

Recapping EventMB’s ‘The Future of the Event Industry 2021 Outlook’

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This was the prevailing question asked throughout Event Manager Blog's virtual conference last week, "The Future of the Event Industry 2021 Outlook". Moderated by EventMB's Founder and former Editor-in-Chief, Julius Solaris, the virtual event brought together many top industry leaders in various sectors as speakers to discuss the current state of the event industry and the many developments that has occurred consequentially from the pandemic-ridden year. 

How Asset Management Can Make Your Life Easier

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If you work with a lot of media - videos, pictures, and content from events or your internal team - then you must have a large cache of media assets that you don't know what to do with. Undoubtedly in today’s digital age, media has increasingly become a large part of our everyday experience. We consume and create photos, audio files, video clips, and text content. Though the opportunities for use has increased, the rise in digital media also creates challenges in navigating through all of these stored assets.

Setting Up Your Zoom Calls for Success

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As we all are adjusting to the quarantine orders from these COVID-19 restrictions, one thing that is certain to come out of this time is the rise of video conferencing. Whether it’s the popular Zoom application, or Google Hangouts/Meet, or Skype of any of the other platforms, we’re all learning how to navigate […]

The Events Industry in the Age of the Coronavirus

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As we’ve all seen, events have been cancelled at an alarming rate over concern of the virus spreading exponentially. Organizers have canceled SXSW, many other festivals such as Coachella have either canceled or postponed their events. Huge annual conferences have been shut down altogether like E3, Facebook’s F8, the Game Developers Conference, Google’s Cloud Next, and many more. 

Green Business Awards at the California Academy of Sciences

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We’re very proud to be part of the San Francisco Green Business Program which itself is part of the larger California Green Business Network.  As in past years we’ve sponsored the Green Business Awards where other businesses that fulfill the requirements are awarded their […]

New Year = Changes

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As a new year is upon us we are happy to have wrapped up 2018 with such a bang and are looking forward to a great 2019!  As every year brings changes we have several upcoming that we’re looking forward to.  One thing that might be quite significant is a […]

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