Meet Bright Eyes. This sweet, 5.5 year old Welsh Corgi mix was our special guest last Friday courtesy of the SF SPCA, where I volunteer.  The SF SPCA has a Doggie Day Date program, which allows more experienced volunteers to take one of the longer-term resident pooches out for an excursion. It’s a fun break for the dogs who have been in the shelter for an extended period. They get to explore new places and smells; gain exposure to new activities, situations, and stimuli; and receive some major lovin’ from the volunteer and other folks they meet._CC12131web

The average length of stay for dogs at the SF SPCA is 17 days. Bright Eyes has been at the SF SPCA for more than 100 days.

According to Kiersten Anderson, the Dog Volunteer Services Coordinator at the SF SPCA,

“Bright Eyes was found as a stray in early July. She loves to cuddle and is a staff and volunteer favorite. I would take her if I could–and I’m not just saying that!”

After hanging out with Bright Eyes, my colleagues and I could see why she’s a favorite with SF SPCA staff and volunteers. She was an amazing studio dog for the day. Bright Eyes greeted people at the door, helped take inventory, cleaned up after mealtime (without being asked!), showed off her obedience training (Sit, Down), checked in on everyone periodically to make sure they were doing their work properly, reminded folks to meet their daily dog petting quota, and rewarded them with a wagging tail of approval. In fact, I don’t think her tail stopped wagging all day!

Bright Eyes was a model dog (housebroken and well-mannered) and a lovely model! She was very patient with us and let us dress her up with silly holiday accessories. We decided to do a little photo shoot of her in preparation for the holiday party season and in the hopes that one of our blog readers may fall in love with her…!


Bright Eyes play bowingBright Eyes sitting patiently for a treat

Jung puts Christmas tree hat on Bright Eyes_CC12073webBright Eyes in the holiday spiritJung places an elft hat on Bright Eyes

Behind the scenes: Jung, Billy, and Shannon photographing Bright Eyes

We think it’s crazy that she hasn’t found her match yet. Hence this blog post.

Help us find Bright Eyes a home! Share this post with your friends and via social media. Better yet, go visit the SF SPCA. The SF SPCA is open everyday except major holidays–it’s open today, the day after Thanksgiving! End pet homelessness, end petlessness. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

[PUPDATE: Bright Eyes was adopted on February 20th!!]