We’ve been supporters of the First Exposures program for a number of years and more recently have been doing video work for them as well as some of our team volunteering with them.  Just under a month ago was the Looking Forward, Giving Back benefit at SOMArts center.  It’s always a really fun event where both the kids (mentees) and their mentors get to showcase their work in a gallery environment.

As we have in the past, we also provided a photo booth setup and during the portion of the event when there are speeches and presentations, they had one of the mentees speak – this year it was Frida Calvo Huerta.  Frida presented her experience and how she’s grown with First Exposures and was so well composed and articulate. 

That was followed by a presentation of the video we produced for them and you can watch it above.  We’re proud of this piece and it shows the power of the medium, but more importantly the power of First Exposures.

The purpose of Looking Forward, Giving Back is to raise funds for the program.  The program has grown over the years from all the positive outcomes the kids in the program have had and if you’d like to support the program, please donate.