We’re very proud to be part of the San Francisco Green Business Program which itself is part of the larger California Green Business Network.  As in past years we’ve sponsored the Green Business Awards where other businesses that fulfill the requirements are awarded their designations.  Being green has been an important part of our studio since our inception in 2001 and we continue to strive to improve and eventually become a Certified Benefit Corporation.

This years event was at the California Academy of Sciences, the world’s first LEED Double Platinum museum—and the largest Double Platinum building in the world.  It’s always a fun place to shoot and of course a perfect fit for the awards program.

We try to support other green businesses and it’s great that so many new businesses are stepping up and doing what they can to be green.  This was the 13th annual event and it was awesome to see companies we already love like Noise Pop, GlideForeFront Power, Asana and Allbirds getting their recognition here this year.