MBE by Orange Photography Super BOwl 50 photographersYes we said Super Bowl 50, not the Super Bowl that’s coming up this weekend, but as part of our effort to do more business with the Super Bowl we got our MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certification. The MBE takes a lot of effort and proof to show that you are, in fact, a minority-owned business as we are here at Orange Photography.

The designation make it more formal and allows you to officially bid for things as an MBE. Other designations that are related include the WBE (for Women owned Business Enterprises), DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) and LGBTBE (for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgendered Business Enterprise).  I’m not sure how you might prove that you are LGBT to the government, but it’s great to see businesses supporting LGBT businesses.

While we don’t have any of our local teams in the Super Bowl this year we are hopeful for an Oakland Raiders vs. San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl next year!  (yeah, yeah, we know that it’s pretty much not gonna happen, but we can dream!)

If you are interested in getting your MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), WBE (Women-owned Business Enterprise) or other designation, we found that The Supplier Clearinghouse was a good place to go through to get the designation.  With our efforts to book more business with Super Bowl 50, there were a few vendors they recommended and we found them through the Super Bowl’s Business Connect program and found them very responsive and efficient.