I think most people can say, they spend a huge amount of time at a desk, in front of their computer. Even the photographers in our company spend a good amount of time in the office, editing images, checking email, and working on other projects.  They don’t always get to be on site photographing. A couple weeks ago, our team (or most of us) took a weekend away from it all; We ventured out to Lotus, California and the banks of the American River for our annual company retreat.

We spent the weekend in an AirBnB circa 1960. It was a comfortable place, but literally everything in the house had not been changed or updated for at least 40 years (or more), including a teal Vidal Sassoon hair dryer I wish I had photographed. After a amazing dinner of Chicken Adobo courtesy of Kat, we spent the evening playing cards and hanging out.


The next morning we packed up and headed out to the river. We spent four hours floating down the South Fork of the American River – with a few rapids thrown in of course. The best part was being able to get out and swim in the calm parts of the river. That night, we grilled up some food and ate under the stars and nearly full moon (something we miss living in the city). After dinner, we answered the age old question, “If a bunch of photographers are lost in the woods with no one to hear them, do they still take pictures?”. The answer is yes, we do an impromptu, full moon photo shoot, on the river with cell phones and camping lights as additional lighting.