Finally got around to watching Abstract: The Art of Design’s Season one, episode 7 which featured photographer Platon.  I’ve really admired Platon’s photography since I first came across it  years ago and was feeling a bit like I needed some inspiration and this was just the boost I needed.

If you aren’t familiar with his work, take a look at his website first and you’ll likely see many iconic images that you already recognize, and if not, the subjects will be familiar.  I am not big on celebrity photography, and that’s not necessarily what Platon does per se, but his perspective on what photography can do and how he approaches his subjects were the most intriguing for me.  His focus on empathy and connection really hit a chord for me, and it’s something I feel is so key to portraiture.  

If you want to get a great look at the creative process and what inspires others, take a look at this episode which is currently available on Netflix!