Silicion Valley Bank


Silicon Valley Bank provides banking services to innovative companies worldwide and was in need of a way to refresh their brand through updated, inviting imagery of their employees across the country. Specifically, they were in need of a way to streamline a look and feel that felt on message, while tackling the challenge of executing such an endeavor across dozens of cities nationwide. Orange was approached to partner with them to provide a solution for professional headshots. Our challenge was to customize our already-established headshot workflow and asset management to fit the needs of Silicon Valley Bank. We needed to not only match a look and feel their team had established, but also rework our delivery process, keywording and asset management to match what SVB needed. Additionally, we needed to get a system in place that could be repeated over multiple locations, in multiple cities by different photographers.


Orange took the task at hand in stride by first establishing a game plan for what was needed by SVB, their priorities, desired experience and budget. Since the subjects would range from bank tellers to high level executives, it needed to feel personal yet efficient, providing a VIP experience for all involved. Their needs also required 2 looks, a natural, yet professional headshot and a more casual candid portrait that would showcase the human face of their brand. Our new process was first tested on a huge spotlight, at their 2016 National Sales Conference, a 3 day onsite endeavor that resulted in over 500 individual headshots and portraits.

Adaptations to our already popular headshot station, allows for a number of personalized workflows that fit within the needs of our partners. Each session starts with an online appointment system, allowing each executive to schedule their time with our professionals, while providing custom billing information for our internal contacts to allow for easy management. Orange staffs only the most personable photographers to allow for comfort and ease to the subject and along with hair and makeup services provided onsite. Guests are pleased with images that appear relaxed, approachable and professional. Each guest can review and share all images immediately onsite and select their favorites while on the backend, each image is keyworded for easy identification and organization. This allows for SVB employees to easily find their headshots within the SVB image database. Our process can now be applied across multiple cities, allowing for easy scheduling by SVB, and a streamlined, consistent experience and result.


  • Current tally of over 300 individuals photographed across 5 cities spanning the nation, including Chicago, NYC, Boston and Los Angeles.
  • Customized and developed an online appointment system for easy scheduling and billing.
  • Established post-production process with customized files names, image sizing, and asset organization
  • Streamlined the process to allow for time from session to full asset delivery in less than 1 week.
  • Future expansion plans to provide in additional location with plans to represent in 16 markets.