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With over 20 years of experience working on complex and large scale projects for diverse national clients, we’ve develop a solid track record of not just delivering great imagery but know how to manage those assets. Leverage our expertise to maximize the value of your brand assets beyond the project shoot. 

Ongoing Content Partner

Leverage our scale and experience in crafting visual stories for your brand. 

If your organization works with a large volume of media assets from many different vendors or just from your internal team, we can help create a workflow that fits your organization’s needs. Here is how we can help:

  • Define organizational assets requirements and make recommendations to efficiently process assets
  • Develop workflows to insure integrity of asset definitions
  • Make recommendations on archiving, back up strategies and online hosting of assets

Our subscription service model, works with small organizations as well multi national corporations. Once we understand the frequency and volume of your imaging needs, our pricing model is developed to amortize your investment over the course of a year. 

On Location and Remote Asset Management

With the scale and impact of social media at events, managing volumes of assets for a conference and large scale event can be overwhelming. Our rich experience with many large conferences can be an asset to you in the following ways:

  • staffing and/or management of photographers/videographers
  • Asset/data management and post production services to prep assets for usage different channels
  • Coordination of asset delivery to social media channels, editors and A/V professionals

Below are a few of the projects that we manage a high volume of assets on location:

Online Presence 

With telecommuting starting to be the new norm, work with  us to improve your online presence in various ways. From linkedin profiles to your home set up for video conferencing calls, we can provide a range of solutions for improving your online presence.  

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