Kelsey Floyd moved to San Francisco two years ago and has been shooting for Orange Photography a little over a year and a half. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Kelsey went to DePauw University, in Indiana, where she was a double major in Studio Art (Sculpture) and Psychology. She moved to Maine after college to work at Maine Media Workshops, where she was a teaching assistant for 50+ photography classes. She then went on to become an instructor. Kelsey is quickly becoming one of our more seasoned photographers as she is always willing to take on a job (even multiple ones in a day!)

What do you like about working with Orange?

Orange has been excellent for facilitating new opportunities and experiences – going to luxury wineries, conferences, and more headshot experience. The intermittent feedback provided on my work is a good push to continue to improve outside of how I tend to push myself.

 Favorite Place to Eat?
In San Francisco – Mandalay, Kin Khao, Boba Guys 

Do you have any special/hidden talents?

I have absurdly flexible fingers, I can pretty much bend them backwards. This has no practical application other than freaking out friends =)

Favorite Artist?

 If you could have tea with any fictional character, who would it be?


Favorite image you have shot? 

Below is the one that’s my favorite right now. Generally I’d say some of my fine art. 

Favorite movie/book/TV show?

Breaking Bad! Amazing character development, plot execution, everything!

Check out some of the work Kelsey has done for Orange: