genex2013_0709fWe shoot quite a bit in Las Vegas, and people are always interested in what types of photo shoot locations there are.  Of course there’s the Strip and downtown (where we like shooting around the graffiti spots) but there’s also places further out that are quite popular including the dry lake bed south of town and Red Rocks and Nelson, the abandoned mining town.

Of course, what says Vegas more than neon?  The Neon Museum when we first visited it was in the Emergency Arts building downtown as their current location was not yet open.  It’s now been open almost a year and the Boneyard, as it’s usually known, has become a popular shoot location. We took a tour of the museum this week to check it out and it’s a fun hour-long tour.  There’s also a night tour which would be quite interesting too.  One of the signs we recognized was the wedding arrow which looks like one that was just off Fremont Street where some of the restored signs were/are.  It’s popular for engagement shoots but I could see fashion shoots being done here as well.  Rental information for the Boneyard is available on their website as well.