Secrets to Successful Headshot Station Activations

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We recently engaged in one of our biggest headshot activations for Workday‘s SKO. Over the course of three days, we had six headshot stations and photographed about 2300 people! In the past year since the pandemic has subsided, we’ve done a lot of headshot activations and there a number of factors that make it a successful activation for the booking client as well as the end user (the subjects […]

New Team Members + New CMYK Headshot GIFs!

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If you have received an email from any one of us at Orange recently, you may have noticed our fun new email signatures! We combined some of our favorite things from other photo booths to create these signature signatures. We are excited to roll this new feature out to you, our valued customer. Stand out from the crowd with your own personalized GIF headshot!

“Our new company signatures were a great opportunity to combine our new CMYK and GIF photo […]

Environmental Portraits and building custom stock libraries

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We’ve been doing more and more environmental portraits as part of the custom stock work we’ve been creating for our clients of late and it’s a lot of fun.  In the past we’ve talked about the value of building out custom stock libraries and how it’s not as expensive as you might think.  Additionally having control […]

Small Potatoes Catering Custom Stock photography

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Earlier this year we had the wonderful opportunity to photograph some custom stock photography and staff headshots for Small Potatoes Catering and Events.  It was really a fun time going over there and setting up for some food shoots as well as their amazing chef at work! We love getting to go and photograph people doing what they love, that’s the power […]

Social media portraits and getting the most out of your headshots

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social media portraits and headshots by orange photographyToday we have so many ways to get yourself out there and on social media especially, your image is important and something that contributes to your own personal brand as well as your business.  In the past we’ve talked about the difference between headshots […]

Orange supports Kitchen Table Advisors

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9452_cc-9This fall Orange had the pleasure of partnering with Kitchen Table Advisors to take portraits of some local farmers at Bay Area Farmers markets.  Kitchen Table Advisors provides small, sustainable, farms with the resources and knowledge to grow into a viable business. We were happy to contribute our talents to their […]

Buying Stock Photos / Custom Stock Libraries (aka how to stand out!)

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66-5825-SC-0632Recently I got to hear Joanne Dennison speak about intellectual property rights. She had some great insight into how to use creative and intellectual property correctly to avoid lawsuits and such. Many event professionals may be aware that using popular music at events and in presentations requires a license but many probably don’t do […]

Change is good: Peter Hurley The Art Behind the Headshot

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Chances are if you are a portrait photographer you’ve seen or heard of Peter Hurley.  If you haven’t seen his  presentation at the Google + Photographers Conference, check it out on YouTube.  We purchased his tutorial on headshots and someone asked me why we needed it.  The truth is you can never stop learning, especially in the world of photography.  Change is inevitable and if you don’t adapt then you’ll fall […]

Vegas photo shoot locations: Neon Museum/Boneyard

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genex2013_0709fWe shoot quite a bit in Las Vegas, and people are always interested in what types of photo shoot locations there are.  Of course there’s the Strip and downtown (where we like shooting around the graffiti spots) but there’s also places further out that are quite popular including the dry lake bed south of town and Red Rocks and Nelson, the abandoned mining town.

Of course, what says […]

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