We’re so proud to have recently produced a video for The Women’s Building located in San Francisco! As a promotional video, it highlights the nonprofit organization’s presence in the community and the services they provide, especially for low-income women and their families. 

As the first women-led community center, they’ve come a long way and are now an anchor institution in the area. The nonprofit seeks to empower women through many community services on issues such as: health, professional development and career building, financial planning, and more. One of the most notable resources they provide that may go unnoticed is how they assist with the language barriers that many women in the community face.

The Women’s Building (TWB), a community organization related to sex and gender-based methods, started out in 1971 when a group of visionary women founded San Francisco’s Women’s Centers to support growing Bay Area women’s projects. They emerged later as a nonprofit organization focused on addressing two of San Francisco’s most pressing issues: services and advocacy for the well-being of women and girls, and affordable space for nonprofits and community members.

Inside the front entrance of the Women’s Building. (Baldwin Diep/Orange Photography)

Many in the community may recognize the organization by its landmark building in San Francisco’s Mission District. It’s incredible “MaestraPeace Mural” reaches the entire five stories of the building and depicts “the power and contributions of women throughout history and the world”.

The MaestraPeace Mural on the exterior of the Women’s Building, rising five stories. (Gene X Hwang/Orange Photography)

By providing a safe and welcoming space for all women to be heard, TWB helps 25,000 women and their families every year to discover their strength, take action, and create a better future. The opportunities they have created are endless. And Orange is proud to be a part of the movement! 

Learn more about The Women’s Building, the work they do and how you can join the movement in the link below: