At Orange we’re always so busy during the holidays since we photograph a ton of holiday parties and do lots of holiday photo booths too so it’s a taxing time on our team.  Typically after the third week of December though, things slow down and many of us get some time to catch up on our own lives.  Here’s what the holidays mean to our team!

Kat‘s been on maternity leave but “this Christmas was the most memorable for our family because we welcomed our sweet little girl!”


For Shannon, the holidays mean:

  • Making an insane amount of cookies with my mom, then taking them to any holiday parties we go to
  • Spending time with family
  • Hopefully getting a bit of Colorado snow (I like it about once a year, the rest of the time, I don’t miss snow)
  • Watching Elf and A Christmas Story at least once
  • Enjoying the lights at night. I love sitting in the living room with only the tree on or driving around town and seeing the houses lit up and the trees in the windows.


Jenna’s holidays means spending time with family and looking at old photographs. Below are some great vintage shots: “This is my grandma when she was attending college in 1942.”


Katelyn had a new adventure this holiday season: “This is the first time spending the holidays with David’s family.  Christmas is always a time for family for me and I get really nostalgic this time of year so I wanted to help create some family memories for them by doing some family and pet family portraits.  All of his siblings live far away from each other so a full get together is rare!  I am also shooting his sisters wedding in May so I offered a very mini engagement session to show them what it will be like later this next year!”

Producer Karen, who produces most of our video jobs says: “2016 has been weird and amazing for me so the mood for all these videos reflect on my current holiday mood.”


From our sales team, Liam says “Ever since I was 12 and gifted a train set for Christmas, it’s tradition to have the train underneath the tree. My parents have collected Christmas ornaments for years. Some even go back to the 1960’s. One year the tree fell on top of me and a few of the old ones broke. My mom was more concerned with the ornaments.  ?” 


Based in Chicago, Rebecca’s holiday season is often a lot colder than in our home base of San Francisco. 

“The holidays to me means family and giving. I’m never as excited to get as I am to give! This year was a making holiday, as I built a classic “Leg Lamp” for my dad from the infamous “Christmas Story”, a movie we would watch every year. Now he’s got a “major award”!


For my business partner and co-founder Jack, this is what the holidays mean:


And finally for me,(Gene), it means food and family and no pinball.  There’s a dearth of pinball where my parents live so I did get lucky and play one night but there’s no pinball on location.  Instead I mostly eat with my family and hang out.  Always great to have mom’s cooking and hang with the family!