Dallis Willard is an event and portrait photographer serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Starting as a hobbyist in 2006, Dallis began shooting professionally in 2011. He specializes in candid, documentary style coverage. Professional, relaxed and outgoing, Dallis is comfortable in any situation, from small family portrait sessions to Keynotes and CEOs. 

What is your favorite thing about working with Orange?

I’m proud to work with Orange Photography because of the incredible team, interesting locations and opportunities it provides and the quality the brand represents. 

Favorite food?

Pizza, Mexican, Thai, Burmese. “Anything Spicy is Nicey.” 


Skateboarding, watching live music, travel and photography. Is spending too much time on Instagram a hobby?

Favorite Destination?  

Japan is incredible. Would love to see Greece and Rome one day. I could spend the rest of my days walking and photographing New York. 

Something most don’t know about me?

For the longest time I wished I was left-handed. All of my artist friends are left-handed, so I figure that must be the secret to greatness. 

Favorite thing about photography?

Having a dated visual diary of everything I do. The older I get, this is the best way for me to remember everything. I also really enjoy the learning process as I’m always trying to be better than I was before. 


Take a look at some of the work Dallis has shot for Orange: