As a photo/video agency, we’ve been super involved in the booming event industry in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, and we’re lucky to see trending event ideas firsthand. Everyone loves a good party, and a creative approach to marketing and design really makes it personal!

We recently partnered with BizBash to create a video highlight reel for their media launch at 888 Brannan in San Francisco. If you haven’t heard of BizBash, you should check them out!

BizBash is an innovative hub for the event and meeting industry, bringing tech-savvy ideas to events all over the country. From interactive performances to social media integration and attendee data tracking, we’re so excited about BizBash’s forward-thinking approach to events.



Check out our highlight reel for a peek into BizBash’s media launch in San Francisco featuring circus performers and 3D printed statue souvenirs!