Zilch is a book about doing more with less, something we hold as a value at Orange.  Since our inception, we’ve always valued that, not just because we bootstrapped our company but also from a social responsibility angle.  Waste is something we don’t like, especially when reducing it can both save the environment and save you money so this booked piqued my interest.

It’s written by Nancy Lublin who started DonorsChoose.org as well as Dress for Success. There are a lot of lessons and each chapter has one of 11 ways of getting more bang with less buck including topics like “Do More with Your Story”, “Do More with Less Cash to Throw at People” and “Do More by Bartering with Zero”.

A central theme throughout, though, was the importance of thanking people.  Whether they are your own staff and team members or your clients or even your suppliers.  This is something we’re working to improve on and especially myself as a co-founder of the business.

A topic we’ve had challenges with in the past is hiring and Lublin says something very similar to what Tony Hsieh of Zappos says – hire for passion!  And that’s what we’re currently looking for in the positions we have posted on our site.