Being half-Japanese, but 100% American, I’ve always been fascinated about the Japanese internment during World War II.  Since I grew up away from the West I didn’t really know anyone who was interned until I moved out to California.  Well, we were hired to shoot the opening of the new Asian Law Caucus building at the edge of North Beach & Chinatown and the daughter of Fred Korematsu who was the Japanese-American who sued the US for the internment.  After 9-11 a lot of Japanese-Americans were concerned that Arab-Americans might face similar prejudice as they did and banded together to help support them.  Some of the same folks who fought and represented Mr. Korematsu were also on hand at the opening and it was pretty cool to meet the real people who fought for these rights for all Americans.

Karen Korematsu & Dale Minami
Karen Korematsu (daughter of Fred Korematsu) and Dale Minami (who represented Mr. Korematsu)