As a conference photography services agency, we’ve shot hundreds of conferences and conventions over the years.  Through all that experience we’ve gained a lot of insight into how to maximize your budget and impact for any photography and video you might want of your event.

First and foremost you need to know what your goals for your conference photography or video are.  With these goals in mind it makes it much easier to determine what amount of coverage and what type of coverage you might need.

For example, do you want to create snippets and video clips showing people having a great time at your event?  Or maybe something showcasing some of the unique opportunities your conference has over others?  Or maybe something that’s more FOMO-related to tease people about what they don’t wanna miss out on?  

Knowing what the goals of the photography and video are is important but almost as important is figuring out how to capture and create that.  We often collaborate with our clients to brainstorm ideas.  Is the conference the type where people want to hear from other attendees about what they got out of it?  Is it more an experiential thing where showing off the experiences matters more?  

All of these things will help you make sure to plan and get the best from your conference photography services.

Also if we will be working with a social media or marketing team there may need to be certain shots that allow negative space for putting logos or type on.  This is good information to have up front.

In the end the best practice really is to have an idea of what your end usage is and then collaborating together to make sure everything will be accounted for to maximize your photography and video budgets.

Conference Photography Services

Above are some shots showcasing the various conference photography services we offer at Orange.