event entertainment ideasGetting new ideas for your next event can be a pain when everything seems too trendy but there are some go-tos that may not seem super sexy at first thought, but are really fun and keep your attendees engaged.  One such option is having a professional billiards player to teach/show tricks at your next event.  We saw this work to great effect at a recent event at Jillian’s which is conveniently located just across from Moscone Center.

Billy “The Kid” Aguero was the pro on hand and he was great at setting up incredible shots.  One example was this football-themed shot where the 12-ball was the Running Back and the two rows of four balls below were the two teams linemen.  The paper bag was a linebacker.  I would prefer the 12 to be #34 from Oakland years ago – Bo Jackson – and the bag to be The Boz.  You’ll see what happens in the video below:

Billy was able to set up complex shots for individuals who mostly were able to hit them which was pretty cool to see.  Guaranteed social media shares and lots of fun for all involved!event entertainment ideas - billiards pro event entertainment ideas - pool shark