Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.35.40 AMAlthough we have been creating wonderful booth experiences for many clients in the past 10 years, the industry has grown considerably and there are A LOT more options that go beyond the traditional photo booth experience. So, it was no surprise that when i first learn about the inaugural photo booth expo that i was fairly excited to see exactly what are those NEW options were and how other booth operators were using them.

Although our philosophy has been to create the highest quality experience in terms of the final photographic product and onsite experience, we didn’t quite capitalize on some of the trends that was happening in other markets. For example, although Animated GIFS have been around forever and we had done it for small set of clients, the process was cumbersome on site and we didn’t push the concept to many clients. With the maturation of the industry and expo for everyone to see what others are doing, i think the industry will much quicker as we all adopt new trends faster and be able to execute technical booth experiences easier. For example, when we first did our slow mo experience for Comedy Central, we were using a very high end speed camera capable of capturing over 900 FPS. Now, there are much more affordable cameras/software that allow most other booth operators to offer a lower end product of what we’ve been doing for clients. As we adopt some of the new trends into our booth services refresh this month, i wanted to share some of the interesting trends i found here: